Firewood and Woodchip

Fire Wood Supply & Delivery

Supply & Delivery

Pleas note we have currently sold out of seasoned firewood.

We supply and deliver woodchopping’s and seasoned firewood across Norfolk. 

Any unwanted timber left over from tree work jobs is processed into burnable sized logs. It is then stored away for between 1-2 years and left to air dry. 

During the final few months whilst drying, the logs are tested of their moisture content. 

Once the moisture content falls to between 12-18%, the logs are ready to be sold and delivered.

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Logs are delivered loosely in the back of a tipper truck or tipper trailer. Upon delivery, we will tip them straight out where you request ready for you to cover or stack them yourself. We can barrow and stack the logs away for you to wherever you request, however this would be an additional charge.

We sell logs by volume rather than weight, with a minimum order of 1 cubic meters worth

What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

This is a question we get asked a lot, especially by those who are new to having an open fire or wood burner. 

Hardwood timber is much denser as it tends to grow slower than softwood species. Most deciduous trees are hardwood such as oak, ash, Beech and birch. 

Softwood species grow much faster, so due to their low density they burn quicker than what a hardwood log would. 

As softwood is easy and fast to light, they’re useful to put on the fire first to get it started. Examples of softwood include pine, larch and spruce.


Wood chippings/Mulch

Wood chippings can have many uses. 

They can be levelled out on top of flower beds to help suppress weeds and retain moisture in the ground. 

They can be used for pathways or around play areas for children. Or they can be used to line animal pens such as for chickens especially during the winter months when it may get muddy. 

 Wood chippings are made up of deciduous trees such birch, alder, sycamore and willow. Only timber is chipped, this is to avoid getting a lot of leaves and greenery. 

Each individual woodchip will vary in size and colour.

Delivery and Prices

Delivery for both firewood and woodchip is free for anyone within 10 miles of where we’re based at Reepham Nr10 4jl. 

Whilst we still deliver to anyone further afield, a delivery fee will be applicable. If you wish to know how much the delivery fee is or to confirm that you are entitled to free delivery, simply let us know the type and quantity of firewood or woodchips you require and your postcode for an accurate quote. We can deliver up to 5 cubic meters worth at a time.

Hardwood per loose cubic meter £90 SOLD OUT

Softwood per loose cubic meter £70 SOLD OUT

50-50 mix. Half hardwood, half softwood £80 SOLD OUT

Woodchip per loose cubic meter £60