Tree Surgery Equipment Hire

Log splitter hire

If you’ve recently had a tree taken down by a tree surgeon and thought it would be a good idea to keep the timber for yourself to cut and split but didn’t realise how difficult it would be. 

Then this is where we can offer our hydraulic log splitter. We don’t hire out just the machine, as it will come with a trained operator who will also be equipped with chainsaws to cut any large pieces of timber down in size. 

We charge by the hour or day depending on how much you need doing.

Woodchipper hire

If you’ve recently tackled a few overgrown bushes or small trees in your garden yourself and are now stuck with a mountain of branches and waste. 

Then this is where a woodchipper comes in very handy. Our woodchipper can eat through branches and logwood of up to 6inches in diameter condensing the materials down into wood chippings which can have many uses. 

Should you have no purpose for them, wood chippings can be fired straight into the back of a truck and taken away. 

These won’t go to waste as are offered out to the local community, schools, fisheries and equine centres who can make good use of them.