Hedge Cutting

Hedge trimming

A well-maintained hedge can not only make your garden look smarter but can provide a safe shelter for animals and birds. 

As well as creating a good windbreak and garden boundary. Therefore, we offer annual cuts on a yearly basis, where we trim back the sides and top creating a dense healthy structure encouraging new growth for the year ahead. 

If left unmaintained, a small hedge can soon turn into small trees and become very overgrown and messy.

Hedge reduction

If a hedge has grown too wide or too tall and you’d like to reduce it in size and shape it into a neat looking hedge again, then this is something we can do. 

Whilst the stems might have become too thick for a hedge cutter, we have the right equipment to cut through them. 

Some species if left for too long cannot be reduced by much as they can’t recover from such a harsh reduction. 

So therefore we may recommend removing the hedge all together and plant a new one.

Hedge removal

Hedges provide a great habit for many animals, insects and particularly birds. 

In the spring and summer, they provide birds with a safe place to nest and during the autumn and winter months a hedge can shelter them from the harsh weather and some species creating berries as a source of food. 

These are just a few benefits a hedge can bring, which is why we recommend a hedge over an unnatural fence. 

However, if a hedgerow has become overgrown or is in the way of a development, then we are able to remove it right down to the roots.