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If you are looking to get a quote for a project, please use the contact form beside. The more detail you are able to provide, the more accurate we will be able to make the quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for an on-site quotation?

No, under no circumstances will we charge to visit the site for a fee. This is part of the service which is free. If for instance you aren’t particularly local to us then we may decide to provide a quote based on images you’ve supplied us with.

How much will it cost to complete my job?

On average to remove a single tree it costs between £250-£2000. There is a lot to consider when pricing a job, which is why we come out to you to assess the tree(s) and hedge(s) and landscape around them. This way can provide a bespoke cost.

How do I know that I’m hiring professionals?

Do not be afraid to ask to see our qualifications, insurance certificates and waste carrier’s license. Upon request we are more than happy to supply you with these. Before any work goes ahead, a full risk assessment is filled out covering each unique site and job.

What happens to all the waste produced?

What you might see as a pile of debris and waste, we can recycle and turn into a product. Branches are put through a woodchipper condensing them down into woodchips and timber can be processed into firewood or milled into useful timber. When conducting the onsite visit, we will clarify if you wish to keep all or any of the materials produced. If they aren’t of use to you then we can take all of these away for you.