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Trees and hedgerows have a huge impact on the environment. From reducing toxic emissions in the air to creating a habitat and safe space for birds and wildlife. 

We encourage all home and landowners to plant something no matter how big or small. 

Whether you want just one container grown tree to provide an instant impact in your garden or hundreds of bare root saplings to create a small woodland, we can source the plants and plant them for you.

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Action/ Care Plans

However, the first few years of a newly established tree or hedging plant can be difficult with the risk of the plants dying without the right measures in place. Therefore, we can discuss and advise on an action plan to plant, grow and maintain any tree or hedging species. 

Our plan will normally compromise of the following things

  • What species suit the area and soil type the most. 
  • A planting diagram, specifying the species, quantity and planting layout. 
  • Protection methods such as stacking and fencing. 
  • A watering and mulching guide. 
  • Formative pruning and long-term care.

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