Stump Grinding

Stump grinding and removal

Tree stumps can be unsightly and take up valuable space in the garden. By removing unwanted stumps you gain space which can then be landscaped to your requirements. 

We carry out stump removal of any size using a stump grinder, which turns the stump into small chippings/grindings. These can be left to rot down or taken away.

Our stump grinder can access hard to reach areas where other machines would not be able to, whilst being able to grind out any stump of any size.

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Why grind out a stump?

Once a tree or shrub has been felled, you will be left with a stump protruding out of the ground. 

You may decide you want to remove it as it’s a trip hazard or in the way of a landscaping or a building project. Whilst some may try to dig the remaining stump and roots out, this can soon become a bigger task than what it looks. Not to mention what do you do with the large root plate after?

Even the smallest of trees and shrubs can have a very large and complex root system underground. A stump grinder is the most productive and efficient way of tackling a stump, causing minimal ground disturbance and little waste.

Stump Grinding